Summerville MS Support Group 
A daytime group for Berkley, Charleston, and Dorchester Counties
Group Leader: Elizabeth Peterson  873-0818

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The monoclonal antibody medicine.
(previously known as  Antegren)

MS Organizations of Interest


MS Information Resources



By the National Institutes of Health, you can search for a trial and learn the trial's purpose, location, contact info, and additional details.
MS News MS News has current news
related to MS.
MS Resource Center on Medscape
Database of Medical journals and articles that is searchable by keywords. Article summaries can be printed for future reference. The databases can also be changed with the search criteria.
(provided by the National Library of Medicine)
MS Health Center on WebMD
The Whole Brain Atlas at Harvard University - Provides radiological imaging of normal and various diseases of the brain and CNS. Can alter time, location, and diseases. MS
Q-and-A Neurology forum: answered by doctors in the Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Medical University of SC Neurology
MS clinic
Help and descriptions,
user profiles and stories about MS
View various resources for MS patients, caregivers, and others interested in MS.
Library of Medicine National Library of Medicine section on Mental health
Provides a lot of information from many people. Created in 1995 by Julie Howell who has MS.
Endured: A Spiritual Journey A Canadian lady describes her soul searching to explain MS and how her spiritual beliefs help her.
International MS Support Foundation - this is nother site that i get a great deal of information from. Melanie "got one
 and they are

Earth Cam / Metro Cams


Visit distant cities and countries without leaving your house.  It has various US, Ecuador, Ireland, Russia, and UK cities and lands to visit.